Royal-Tee prepares to release the artwork for “Better Than Yesterday”

Royal-Tee prepares to release the artwork for “Better Than Yesterday”

Royal-Tee has become a valued member of the Carolina music scene. Along the way, a bigger audience has become accustomed to his music and his fan base has grown.

Next up from Royal-Tee is his track Better Than Yesterday. Leading up to the release of his Reality Rap project, Royal-Tee will continue dropping songs from the tape and tomorrow he releases the official artwork for the track.


Point Of View (P.O.V.) Produced By Kenneth Cartel


This newly-released track ‘Point Of View’, produced by Kenneth Cartel, provides a depiction of Royal-Tee’s most significant and recent developments. The Q.C. repper addresses his experience since beginning his journey to the top of the rap game. Local love is cool, but global love is the move! Reality Rap is coming…